Facing the Draft Lottery During the Vietnam War History 118: US History Since 1877

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Indeed, it ranks among the most significant and wide-ranging experiments in human history. Despite the potentially life-changing drama of the drawing, the ceremony at Selective Service System headquarters employed only a drab stage with a large tote board, some folding chairs and a cylindrical glass bowl to hold the lottery dates. Each of the 366 days of the year had been printed on a small rectangle of paper, tucked inside a blue plastic capsule, and placed in a box to await the lottery. The SSS had chosen “youth advisory” delegates from across the country and brought them to Washington, D.C.
Like an experiment to test medicines or weight loss plans, this feature of the Lottery allowed researchers to attribute differences between groups to the Draft’s intervention, just as scientists would were they studying a randomized experiment. However, unlike most experiments, the Vietnam draft did not affect a mere handful of individuals in a limited way. Instead, it affected an immense number of people and had the potential to influence those peoples’ life outcomes in drastic ways. Indeed, it ranks among the most significant and wide‐ranging experiments in human history. And its first use was to understand something akin to deaths of despair.
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In 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Selective Training and Service Act, creating the country’s first peacetime draft and officially establishing the Selective Service System. The draft continued from 1948, during both peacetime and war, to 1973, when President Richard M. Nixon signed legislation officially ending the draft. The Selective Service registration requirement was later suspended in April 1975. However, in 1980, President James E. Carter resumed Selective Service registration in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Beginning with the Fall 2018 semester, the Middle College Scholarship is established and funded from proceeds of the state lottery and awarded to high school Juniors and Seniors enrolled full-time at an eligible postsecondary institution.
On December 1, 1969, the first draft lottery since 1942 began, but college deferments were kept intact. Anti-war activists recognized the draft lottery system did not produce truly random results. The draft received even more resistance as dissenters became more frustrated with the system. Finally, Nixon ended the draft in January 1973, but by then the war was almost over.