Fundraising Websites

It’s simple math that a recurring donation is more lucrative than a one-time donation of the same amount. Your nonprofit should capitalize on this opportunity to multiply your revenue by implementing a monthly giving program that you can promote online. If you don’t know anything about website design, the internet has a solution for that, too. There are many website builders that you can use to your advantage. Plus, there are even website builders that are made specifically for nonprofits.
With CauseMatch, you give donors the absolute best online donating experience. I think CauseMatch could be great for many other organizations as well and I have seen the power of the challenge matching grants to get people to give. Fundraising storytellers craft your message using a research-based approach to bring in new donors and reactivate past donors.
You deserve fundraising technology that’s seamless, secure, and 100% reliable. We’ve facilitated more than $3 billion in charitable giving to nonprofit educational institutions, using modern technology and data, behavioral science, and fundraising expertise to improve outcomes. Your entries into the Marbella Superdraw raised an incredible £800,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust, reaching our target to raise over £1M for the charity in three years.
When the time comes, you can live-stream a kick-off ceremony and send your participants off to complete the run or walk on their own, in their own neighborhoods and on their own time. They can track and submit their best times and still engage in some friendly competition. Set up registrations and promote your event and that’s pretty much it — how the attendees choose to spend their time on the day of the event is entirely up to them. Silent auctions are a tried-and-true method of generating revenue at fundraising events. Here’s fundraiser websites of an e-card collection from Amit Children — they provide lots of options and charge $18 for each card sent.
Or, if you use a premium fundraising platform, such as Giveffect and Qgiv, peer-to-peer fundraising is often included in your suite of fundraising tools. Odds are you already have a major donor in your network willing to allocate their donation towards a matching gift campaign. Corporations can be solicited to match up to the first $10,000 in donations made (or more) in exchange for mentioning their company in your email campaigns, on your website, and on social media. If your nonprofit is small and localized, you can work to secure five local small business sponsors that will give $2,000 each to create a $10,000 matching gift campaign.